1,000,000 circularity* enthusiasts by 2030

We are a social enterprise focused on promoting sustainability through circular design.

Accelerating the shift to a circular economy

We work to (re)educate the decision makers, the professionals, and the new generation about the principles and benefits of circular thinking:
Business training for middle management to develop change agents across organizations
Corporate consulting focused on long-term positive ROI from embracing sustainability

take — make — use — discard

reduce — reuse — recycle

The European Union has developed a bold action plan to replace the current linear pattern of “take-make-use-discard” that depletes scarce resources, puts tremendous strain on the environment, and leads to astounding quantities of preventable waste.
Instead, by embracing the circular economy we will “reduce-reuse-recycle”, which is a philosophy of production and consumption that aims for stable long-term groth while minimising environmental impact as well as maximising social welfare.

Are you ready for sustainable growth?

NOUN  [sər-​kyə-​ˈler-​ə-​tē]

...imagine if the world economy was a closed-loop system, with most of the generated waste serving as inputs for other productive processes.

To get there, every aspect of our lives will need to be reimagined - from our food and our clothing to our transport and our cities.

Alter Labs is dedicated to turning this vision into reality - learn more

European Social Fund project: “Social Entrepreneurship Support”. The project goal is ensuring information availability and help apply circular economy principles through educating the public and the enterprises regarding the transition towards the circular economy.